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Greenheart SIMON

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Greenheart Partners' Sustainability Interactive Modular Online Network (SIMON) is an innovative platform that allows local governments to select the information that they feel is relevant to improving their community.

Ranging from carbon footprint calculators to helping pollinators flourish in various neighborhoods, SIMON helps residents to access the information they need to live more sustainable lives. 

The reality is that people are more inclined to take efforts if the information and resources necessary are placed in a location that is accessible, educational, enjoyable, and achievable. These underlying principles are what helped Greenheart Partners develop this one of a kind solution.

SIMON is an open architecture platform, which means that communities select the modules from a menu of Tier 1, 2, and 3 modules. There are currently over 40 planned modules that will address the need for more information related to electric vehicles, netmetering, air quality, composting, and many more fascinating and topical issues.

SIMON will inform residents of municipal resources previously unknown, assemble local solutions to many sustainability-related problems, and be the central landing page for any environmental or infrastructural questions.

SIMON Modules

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Carbon footprints create a starting point. Where are we at right now with consumption and emissions? Residents will be able to calculate their household footprint and also compare those with national and global averages.

Urban Gardening

There is a myth that you need ground space to build a garden. This is simply not true! If you are limited to just a balcony, patio, deck, or just windows, you can still garden. This module teaches people how to grow produce like tomatoes, onions, peppers, lettuce, and herbs that reduce the need to go to the store.

Water Conservation

We waste a lot of water. Showering, lawncare, kitchen use, and laundry are all areas that can be improved to lower our water consumption. This module explains easy to do changes that will result in a lower water bill without too much inconvenience

Green Energy Cost Planner

Renewable energy is becoming increasingly more affordable. What are the current rates for green electricity suppliers. Do you live in a deregulated state and what are your green gas options. All this is discovered in this module designed for the cost conscious.

Smart Homes

Make Google Home Assistant or Alexa your partner in conserving energy. Link appliances, lights, and other electrical devices to smart switches and reduce vampire electrical charges on your bill.

Electric Car Encyclopedia

Electric Vehicles may be the future, but is converting to an EV the right step? This module breaks down the carbon footprint of your existing vehicles and the best options for purchasing your next EV

Solar vs Wind Options

Homeowners currently have two primary choices if they want to generate their own electricity. This module explains if solar or wind are feasible options, the tax rebates currently available in your region, and the best practices for installation

Repurposing Rainwater

As fresh water becomes scarcer, precipitation can be collected, stored, and reused in many interesting ways. This module shows how rain barrels work, how to make one, and what to do with the water to become more sustainable

How to Use Less Water

The average US family wastes about 180 gallons of water a week just on leaks alone. This module helps households identify where water is being wasted and how to maximize water efficiency.

Recycling Done Right

Recycling goes beyond filling up the bins. Many items that are put in the trash can be recycled with just a little bit of effort and the knowledge of where to recycle them. 

Energy Efficiency at Home

How much would you save if all the lightbulbs in your home were converted to LED or Halogen? Questions like these and others are calculated here. Energy Star appliances are rated and comparisons to other modern models also are available

Thermostat Wars

Much of a household's energy costs are directed toward heating and cooling. This module calculated cost savings in the extreme hot and cold months and assists homeowners in alternatives to lower bills during these months.

There are more than 40 modules currently in development!

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