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Metal Pipes


Information is constantly changing and Greenheart Partners helps you ensure that the information associated with your municipality is

  • Accurate

  • Current

  • Geographically relevant

Did a new EV charging station get installed? Don't worry about it. We probably already know about it and have already updated the module to reflect that. Does the increasing cost of natural gas make a heating source conversion a realistic discussion? The calculators provided have already factored in the new price.


So whether it is a new farm to market installation that encourages buying local produce or updates on invasive plants and animals that need to be held at bay, Greenheart Partners adjusts your modules so that all of the resources provided are up to date.  

Updates are priced at quarterly, semi-annual, and annual options to satisfy any municipality's budget constraints. Just like your vehicles need oil changes and other types of maintenance to make sure they are reliable, updating your web resources is a critical component in making sure that SIMON is doing the best that it can for your community.

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