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Initial Interview

Every local government is different. This is where we learn about the unique aspects of your community. What makes your town special? What are some specific issues that face your neighborhoods that we need to bear in mind. All of this is discovered here.

Infrastructure Analysis

Chances are pretty good that there have already been steps taken toward making your community a more sustainable one. That is great news! Instead of starting from scratch, we consider existing and planned resources that can be blended into our proposed path forward for your town.

Relevant Content

Amazing resources mean nothing if the residents aren't aware that they exist. Greenheart Partners will ensure that the information is packaged in a way that people will be excited to explore the new sustainability page, and more importantly, share with their neighbors this innovative and informative new feature.

Sustainability Equity

Sustainability may impact all people, but solutions often miss serving the entire community. Many time this is unintentional, but the results still mean that not all members experience the same attention. Greenheart Partners ensures that equitable outcomes are explored so that all may be empowered to make a difference.

Web Integration

Whether you own your own design department or outsourced your web construction, the look and feel of your municipal websites are very important. Greenheart Partners carefully considers this to ensure that the design elements of your existing website are not lost in the finished product.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Webpages are not static assets. Information is constantly changing and Greenheart Partners ensures that the information provided is updated and accurate for years after the initial platform is created. We do not aspire to be a vendor, but a true partner with your community.


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