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Greenheart Partners:

Empowering local governments to build more sustainable communities.

What is the issue, and how does it affect you, your family, and your town?

Find out

Greenheart Partners can provide the resources to make a difference.

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Working with Greenheart Partners results in:


Residents generating less trash preserves lifespan of existing locations


Lowered electricity consumption and/or netmetering prevents frequency of brownouts


Minimizing water consumption ensures that fresh water resources are preserved


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Municipal Leaders
If you are a:
  • Mayor
  • City Manager
  • Sustainability Committee Member
  • Department Head
  • City Employee

Email us and let's talk!
Working Mother
Concerned Citizens
If you are a:
  • Resident
  • Teacher
  • Civic Leader
  • Community Organizer
  • Sustainability Advocate

Let's explore solutions!
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Sustainability Peers
If you are a:
  • Sustainability NGO
  • Consulting Firm
  • Current College Student
  • Recent Graduate
  • Sustainability Professional

Let's work together!
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